Our Team

Sarah Phocas

After graduating from Bowdoin College with a BA in Art History, I worked for an insurance broker for several years. I left to attend graduate school at Temple University where I received an MA in Art History, and then left the field to raise a family. Once all three of my children were in school, I began work with the KIPP Philadelphia Charter School. My job was to create a development program for the school which was in its third year of existence. After much success, with an equal amount of stress, I moved with my family to Jackson Hole. My two older children have both completed the college application process, giving me a deep appreciation for the stress involved, but also a lot of excitement about the huge variety of schools that are available to each student. In the summer of 2015, Hayley and I attended the IECA Summer Training Institute in Claremont, CA, and have since visited a number of colleges and universities. We look forward to working with you and your child during this process.

Hayley Kleyman

My career in educational support began during college tutoring upper-level calculus students for Wisconsin Emerging Scholars while earning my B.S. in Mathematics from UW-Madison. Post graduation I worked as a professional full-time tutor with a focus on mathematics. Additionally, I have worked with students with learning differences, ESL and dyslexic students, and tutored all sections of the ACT/SAT and other standardized test preparation. Recently I earned a Masters Certificate in Online Instruction from the U of WY.

I created Jackson Hole Tutoring after returning to my hometown of Jackson, WY in 2014 and am proud of its successes.This past year I expanded the business to include Jackson Hole College Consulting. Having spent extensive time studying, working, and traveling outside of the country has intensified my passion for Jackson Hole and my desire to explore the surrounding lands. Making time to play outside, read, crochet, learn to play banjo and discover new interests enhances my life as does nurturing relationships with family, friends, and animals.