Drexel University

If you have a career path in mind, or at least a general idea, then Drexel may be the school for you.  An undergraduate at Drexel can choose between 13 different schools and colleges, and over 80 full time majors (or create a major).  One of the big draws at Drexel is the Co-op Program.  If a student is interested in the Co-op Program, then the first decision is between a 4 year or 5 year plan.  The four year program integrates one 6-month internship into the curriculum, whereas the 5 year program integrates three 6-month internships into the student’s experience.  Whether you participate in the Co-op Program or not, Drexel prides itself on giving students real world experience integrated into their classroom learning.  The school runs on the quarter system, so courses are fast paced and the learning can be intense.  Drexel is located in the University City neighborhood of Philadelphia.  Students have access to all that the city has to offer but is located in a student-centric neighborhood.  The campus abuts the campus of the University of Pennsylvania, truly making the area a university city (with over 25,000 undergraduates in total).