Boston University

Boston University is a school of over 33,000 undergraduate and graduate students. The main campus runs along Commonwealth Avenue in Boston and has great views of the Charles River. While Hayley and I were in town for the IECA Annual Conference, we got to attend an information session at BU. Since it was the middle of exam week, we weren’t able to tour the campus, but we did learn a lot about the amazing opportunities offered by the University. Boston University is a private teaching university that was founded in 1839, and is the 4th largest in the United States. BU offers over 250 majors and minors in its 10 undergraduate schools and colleges. Another amazing fact is that, as a residence based university, housing is guaranteed for undergraduates for all 4 years! According to the Admissions Staff, BU is best known for biomedical engineering, physical therapy, journalism, and its full undergraduate archaeology program. If you are interested in a large, urban school with a vibrant campus life, this is a school that is worth looking at!


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